Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Standing Up to POTS!  We are honored that you are willing to spend a couple of hours each month helping us to raise awareness about POTS.  Please fill out the following form that describes your areas of interest, and we will get back with you.

Email address:


State (or country if outside United States):

If you believe in our cause and want to be part of our team, please identify areas of interest:

Helping with the website

Finding important ideas from the scientific literature for the Facts of the Week

Coordinating a local fundraiser

Helping with graphic design

Getting local press coverage for POTS

Starting a support group

Attending health fairs or conferences to have one-on-one conversations about POTS

Distributing brochures to healthcare providers locally

Writing a newsletter column

Writing awareness pieces about POTS

Working toward a designated diagnosis code for POTS

Serving as administrator in Facebook groups

Researching potential corporate sponsors

Other special skills

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